The green revolution of

vine plants propagation

Vine plants of Solomon Shachar nurseries ltd are leading the Israeli and the world Vine market for more that three decades.

The grafted plants have a compact rooting system’ which is grown in a soiless plug. The high quality plant, has a developed rooting system in a cone shape. The plant is clean of deseases and insects.

The compact plants make the shipment and transportation to any destination in the world very easy. Also the plantation and growth of plants is easy and quick…

About Solomon Shachar nurseries

Solomon shachar nurseries ltd. Specializes in growing vine plants and decorative house and garden plants. The nursery was founded by Joseph Solomon, agronomist, graduated from the faculty of agriculture in Rehovot. He has over 40 years of experience in plant cultivation and agriculture business management. The nursery is located in shachar village which is 10 kilometer east to Ashqelon. The company has 15 permanent employees. Our staff has wide range of skills in their respective fields and high professional standard. The nursery has 20 acres of production area. We have one of the most advanced and sophisticated facilities for growing vine plants and orchids in Israel.

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