The green revolution of

of vine plants propagation

Vine plants of Solomon Shachar nurseries ltd are leading the Israeli and the world Vine market for more that three decades.

The grafted plants have a compact rooting system’ which is grown in a soiless plug. The high quality plant, has a developed rooting system in a cone shape. The plant is clean of deseases and insects.

The compact plants make the shipment and transportation to any destination in the world very easy. Also the plantation and growth of plants is easy and quick.

There is great demand in the Israeli market for table grapes. The local vine market is also renewing from year to year and with it the growing  demand for vine plants of different and new verieties. Solomon Shachar nurseries Is running in Shachar village,  the largest vine nursery in Israel. Twelve dunam of green houses and sheds and two dunam of advanced  greenhouse for developing roots which gives the plants optimal conditions in their young age. In the nursery, 400,000-600,000 plants are being rooted every year from a big selection of edible grapes and vine grapes verieties  

Every seedling of vine consists of a rootstock (the base) and a scion ( which determine the veriety) . During the whole process of production, the rules of sanitation are observed very carefully. The observing of the right refrigerarion and humidity regimes, avoids their dehydration before the grafting. The choice of the rootstocks is done in according with the condition of the several types of the soil. The usual types of rootstocks are: RICHTER, POLSEN, ROGGERY and SO4.

With the help of a special grafting machine ( Omega), the ends of the rootstock and the scion are cut in a manner that enables to graft them as one unit. To defend the cells of the cutting against dehydration and infiltration of harmers and diseases, the grafted area is covered with red wax.

The twig begins to strike roots after a while and from the upper end break through leaves. The phase of root breaking last about two months and then the seedlings are transferred to small pots, which during the process are spread out to give every seedling the optimal amount of light it needs. The growing of the seedlings in the pots lasts about a month and a half.

In the last phase, the seedling passes two weeks of “hardening” in the shad of nets in purpose to accommodate them to the circumstances in the vineyard, where they will exposed to the sun beams.